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Lost and Found Animals

Stray Dogs

Neither the RSPCA nor the police can deal with stray dogs, which are the responsibility of the Dog Warden Service. The numbers to ring about strays are now:

If you find a dog

Daytime telphone number: (01274) 433 927

Evening & weekend telephone number: (01274) 431 000

If you have lost a dog

Daytime telephone number only: (01274) 433 927

You could also try contacting local vets and neighbouring authorities.

Lost and Found Cats

Lost Cat

If your cat has gone missing, please check the following:

  • Check your own property, including cupboards, garages, etc.
  • Ask around the neighbours, getting them to check any garages, sheds or other out-houses.
  • Check the local area, including streets, verges, hedges, local halls, etc.
  • Ask the postman, paperboy, etc to keep a look out – you could give them a picture of your cat.
  • Contact local veterinary surgeries (the numbers will be listed in Yellow Pages or Thomson directories).
  • Contact the local police station, any local welfare charities and the Cats Protection (03000 12 12 12).
  • Ring RSPCA national advice line - this report will cover a wider area than we can here: 0300 1234 999.
  • Put up posters in the local area, ideally with a picture of your pet. You can advertise in local shops. Only put up posters where it is safe and legal to do so.
  • Advertise in local newspapers (e.g. the Telegraph and Argus has a Lost section)
  • If your pet is microchipped ring Petlog (0844 4633 999).
  • Remember other people may be confused about descriptions of cats, e.g. colour and breed, so if in doubt use a picture and go to see any possible found cats.
  • Cats have been known to travel long distances, and they can be carried in cars or vans.
  • Other contact details are on the list below.

Found or Stray Cats

  • Most cats will roam over a wide area, so it may be a good idea to ask around the neighbourhood to see if anyone knows who the cat belongs to.
  • Ring the  RSPCA Advice Line (0300 1234 999) to report the details of the cat. Other useful contacts are given overleaf
  • If the cat is judged to be tame, you can attach a collar (make sure this is a safe one designed for cats) or a paper collar. Write your telephone number on the collar - before putting it on the cat. Please take all reasonable precautions when approaching the cat and fixing the collar. If the cat is approachable and judged to be friendly, fitting the collar should be a relatively simple exercise. If the cat is not friendly, it may be feral or semi-feral.  Do not in any circumstances risk being bitten or scratched.
  • If the cat is approachable and you have the means to safely transport it to your nearest vet, you should have it scanned for a microchip. If this is present then the owner can be contacted immediately.
  • You can make a Found poster. Display the posters only where you have permission to do so such as vets, shops, post offices, etc.  Only put up posters where it is safe and legal to do so.
  • You can advertise Found Cats in the local paper (e.g. the Telegraph and Argus). You can check these for any lost reports.
  • Log what steps you have taken to locate an owner. As long as you can show that all the above steps have been taken, and no owner is found within a reasonable period of time, i.e. 14 days, you can then go about finding a loving new home for the cat through a reputable rescue organisation.
  • If you decide to keep the cat, please do ensure that you carefully consider the commitment required. You must be able to provide proper care, accommodation, food and veterinary care for the rest of the cat's life.
  • You may need to contact other reputable organisations. See the contacts below.

Please contact us for further help or advice if this is needed.

Lost and Found Cats - Contact List

Organisation Phone Web site
RSPCA Advice Line (report lost & found) 0300 1234 999  
Cats Protection Wharfe Valley 0845 1947 292  
Cats Protection Headquarters 03000 12 12 12  
Haworth Cat Rescue 01535 647184
Petlog 0844 4633 999
Telegraph & Argus newspaper 01274 730000  
Animal Search UK 01432 761 406
UK Missing Pets Register
Cat Chat - directory of cat rescue shelters
Lost Pet Alerts - Puts owners of lost cats
in touch with local voluntee rs who look out for them
in Britain and abroad